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Pub Moots: A Survivors Guide

by Ian Foot

This article is intended as a guide for those who have not yet attended a pagan Pub Moot. I will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about them.

What is a Pub Moot?
A Pub Moot is simply an informal meeting of pagans held, not surprisingly, in a pub. Usually moots are held monthly, although this is not always the case.

Who goes to Pub Moots?
Pub Moots are meetings of like-minded people, irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, age or occupation. Consequently they can attract a very mixed crowd of people - when was the last time you saw bikers and punks socialising happily with middle-aged ladies? They are a good place to get to know other pagans and exchange ideas, especially if you practice alone, or just to meet new friends. At Pagan Federation moots you can meet your local Regional Coordinator(s) [and buy them drinks in grateful appreciation of the work they do!] PF Regional Coordinators can usually be recognised by their harassed looks and signs of an impending nervous breakdown. Any advertised Pub Moot should be open to anybody, regardless of whether they are actually Pagans or just interested.

What happens at a Pub Moot?
Pub Moots are social events, with no formal structure. The exception to this is the Ealing moot which has talks on a variety of pagan subjects. There are no limits on what can be discussed, past conversations have been as diverse as children's television and clitoris piercing! If you are offended by discussions of children's television programmes then maybe pub moots aren't for you. There will usually be announcements of forthcoming events such as open rituals, conferences, camps and other social events . Some moots host talk on Pagan topics, and these are usually billed as 'speaker moots'.

How do I find out about Pub Moots?
Moots are usually advertised in pagan magazines such as "Pagan Dawn" or "Pagan Voice". If you are PF member, your local Pagan Federation newsletters should also have details of any PF moots in your region.


What precautions should I take?
Firstly, it may be sensible to check that your chosen moot is actually going to take place. When I first started to try to contact other pagans, I once travelled miles to a moot that was still being advertised in "Pagan Voice" but had stopped happening some time before. If an address or telephone number for the organiser is given, then it may be worth your while to write or phone first. If you are worried about going to an unfamiliar pub to meet strange people on your own, then perhaps you should consider bringing a "Pagan-friendly" friend with you. With all the moots I have attended, the "natives are very friendly" but it is often reassuring to have a familiar face around.

It may seem daunting if you come in and join a large group of people but it is quite likely that some of them will only just have met that evening. The atmosphere at moots is usually relaxed and friendly and hopefully you will come away with the warm feeling of just having made some new friends.

(from Pagan Dawn, Number 116 - Lammas 1995)

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